Filoboletus manipularis.

Jun 19, 2024

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Recently, researchers have discovered a rare species of bioluminescent mushrooms in the forests of Kasaragod which are scientifically known as Filoboletus manipularis.

These fascinating fungi, scientifically known as Filoboletus manipularis, are capable of producing their own light through a biochemical process.

They were found after a micro-fungal survey was conducted jointly by the Kasaragod division of the Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department and the Mushrooms of India Community in the Ranipuram forest.

According to scientists, the glow you see in Filoboletus manipularis is thanks to a chemical reaction involving luciferin (a pigment) and luciferase (an enzyme), with oxygen playing a critical role. This reaction produces light, a trait shared with other bioluminescent organisms like fireflies and certain marine creatures.


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