ULLAS – Nav Bharat Saaksharta Karyakram

Jun 25, 2024

Current Affair 1:


Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh on 24 June 2024 declared Ladakh as the administrative unit to achieve Full Functional Literacy under the ULLAS – Nav Bharat Saaksharta Karyakram, after having achieved more than 97% literacy.

Read from original document:

The objectives of the scheme is to impart not only Foundational Literacy and Numeracy but also to cover other components which are necessary for a citizen of 21st century such as

  1. Critical Life Skills (including financial literacy, digital literacy, commercial skills, health care and awareness, child care and education, and family welfare);
  2. Vocational Skills Development (with a view towards obtaining local employment);
  3. Basic Education (including preparatory, middle, and secondary stage equivalency) and
  4. Continuing Education (including engaging holistic adult education courses in arts, sciences, technology, culture, sports, and recreation, as well as other topics of interest or use to local learners, such as more advanced material on critical life skills).

Important feature:

  1. The scheme will be implemented through volunteerism through online mode.
  2. Trainings, orientations, workshops of volunteers will be organized through face-to-face mode.
  3. All material and resources shall be provided digitally for easy access to registered volunteers through easily accessible digital modes, viz, TV, radio, cell phone-based free/open-source Apps/portals, etc.
  4. The scheme will cover non-literates of the age group of 15 years and above in all state/UTs in the country.
  5. The financial outlay of “ULLAS” is Rs.1037.90 crore which includes Central share of Rs.700 crore and State share of Rs.337.90 crore respectively.
  6. School will be Unit for implementation of the scheme.
  7. Priority will be given in terms of categories to the girls and women, SC/ST/OBC/Minorities, Persons with Special Needs (Divyangjans), Marginalized/ Nomadic/ Construction workers/ laborers/etc.

As a progressive step, it has also been decided that from now onwards the term “Education For All” will be used in place of “Adult Education” by the Ministry in view of the fact that the terminology “Adult Education” is not incorporating appropriately all non-literates of 15 years and above age group. The term ‘Adult Education’ implies coverage of adults/elders/old age people generally. Accordingly, the terminology “Education for All” may henceforth be used in place of ‘Adult Education’.



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