AI Preparedness Index (AIPI)

Jun 27, 2024

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released an Artificial Intelligence Preparedness Index (AIPI) Dashboard on their website on June 25, 2024, tracking 174 economies globally for AI readiness.

The Index ranks India at the 72nd position, with Bangladesh (0.38) at 113, Sri Lanka (0.43) at 92, and China (0.63) at 31.

The rating for each country is analysed based on their digital infrastructure, human capital, labour policies, innovation, integration, and regulation.

The Index has categorised each country into Advanced Economy (AE), Emerging Market Economy (EM), and Low-Income Country (LIC).

Singapore (0.80), Denmark (0.78), and the United States (0.77) are among the highest-rated AEs, with India categorised as an EM with a 0.49 rating.

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