41,000-Year-Old Ostrich Nest Found in Andhra Pradesh

Jul 02, 2024

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Archaeologists in Andhra Pradesh have found a 41,000-year-old ostrich nest, which is the oldest in the world. The nest is found to be home to nine to 11 ostrich eggs. Additionally, 3,500 pieces of ostrich eggshell from a patch of 1x1.5 meters were reportedly found.

The finding is crucial as it will help determine why animals weighing more than 40kg went extinct in India.

The animals weighing more than 40kg are called megafauna, which means large animals — such as horses, elephants, cattle, and hippopotamuses.

Reportedly, some of the megafauna went extinct around 40,000 years ago from all over the world. Researchers are now trying to find out the reasons.


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