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Aug 15, 2022

Current Affair 1:
SMILE-75 Initiative


In the spirit of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, has identified 75 Municipal Corporations to implement comprehensive rehabilitation of persons engaged in the act of begging under “SMILE: Support for Marginalised Individuals for Livelihood and Enterprise “named as “SMILE-75 Initiative”.

Under the SMILE-75 initiative, seventy-five (75) Municipal Corporations in collaboration with NGOs and other stakeholders will cover several comprehensive welfare measures for persons who are engaged in the act of begging with focus extensively on rehabilitation, provision of medical facilities, counselling, awareness, education, skill development, economic linkages and convergence with other Government welfare programmes etc.

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has allocated a total budget of Rs.100 crore for the SMILE project for coming years till 2025-26. Through this project, the Ministry envisions to develop a support mechanism for holistic rehabilitation of those engaged in the act of begging and build an India where no person is forced to beg in order to survive and fulfil their basic needs.

The objective of SMILE- 75 is to make our cities/town and municipal areas begging-free and make a strategy for comprehensive rehabilitation of the persons engaged in the act of begging through the coordinated action of various stakeholders.

Current Affair 2:
Person of ‘Unsound Mind’


The Delhi High Court on Tuesday reserved order in a public interest litigation seeking to declare AAP leader Satyendar Jain as a person of 'unsound mid.


But important here is not the news, important is where all places do have Constitution used the term ‘Unsound Mind’ as disqualification?

Finance Commission:

The term ‘unsound mind’ is mentioned not in Constitution, but Finance Commission (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1951.

It is also important to understand the meaning of unsound mind in Indian law.

Indian law recognises two related but distinct concepts of unsound mind and mental illness. Although these concepts have been treated as synonymous at times, the law does distinguish between the two. Mental illness is a medical condition while unsoundness of mind is a legal finding. 

The Indian Contracts Act, 1872 is the only law in the country that defines a sound mind. According to the law, a person is of sound mind if at the time of making a contract, he is “capable of understanding it and forming a rational judgment as to its effects upon his interests”. Thus, mental illness is neither necessary nor sufficient for a finding of unsound mind.

Even if the medical board finds that Justice Karnan has a mental illness, it does not automatically imply he is of unsound mind.

Clause 5 of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017 says “determination of a person’s mental illness shall alone not imply or be taken to mean that the person is of unsound mind unless he has been declared as such by a competent court”.


Current Affair 3:
Woolly-necked stork is thriving in India


The news is taken from recent research:



First see, how the species look like:

As bird populations across the globe steadily decline, the woolly-necked stork is thriving in India, particularly in the northern state of Haryana.

The findings support evidence for the revision of their IUCN Red List status from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘near-threatened’.

The storks use agricultural fields as their major habitats in South Asia where conducive crops, relatively traditional farming techniques, and low hunting activity are key to their proliferation alongside food production.

The study, on how traditional agriculture facilitates woolly-necked stork breeding, observed 298 nests in 166 locations from 2016 to 2020 in Jhajjar and Rohtak districts. Both districts have high densities of woolly-necked storks year-round.


Current Affair 4:
Vanilla farming in India


These topics are not easy to find, we daily search for 50-60 sites to give you best CA which UPSC ask in exam (high probability). This particular news we got at krishivigyan website.

Now, we will go to Spices Board of India, Ministry of Commerce to find the details.


Vanilla is used mainly as a flavouring material; a critical intermediary in a host of pharmaceutical products and as a subtle component of perfumes. As a flavouring agent, it is used in the preparation of ice creams, milk, beverages, candies, confectionaries and various bakery items.

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