Goaltide Daily Current Affairs 2022

Nov 15, 2022

Current Affair 1:
Climate Change Performance Index 2023


The Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is an instrument to enable transparency in national and international climate politics. The CCPI uses a standardized framework to compare the climate performance of 59 countries and the EU, which together account for 92% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

It is developed by Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute and CAN.

No country was strong enough in all index categories to achieve an overall very high rating. Therefore, once again, the top three places remain empty.


What are categories:

India’s performance in all four categories:


Ye bhi jada h, isse jada you don’t need.


Current Affair 2:
Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation Initiative (FAST)


The Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation Initiative (FAST) launched at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm-El Sheikh, Egypt in November 2022 aims to implement concrete actions to correct this to transform agriculture and food systems by 2030 while supporting food and economic security and the environment.

The initiative was developed and initiated by the Egyptian Presidency in close collaboration with the FAO and other stakeholders.

FAO, in collaboration with other UN agencies, will play the role of a neutral facilitator, providing the objectivity, independence and credibility that are prerequisites for the success of the FAST initiative.


Current Affair 3:
E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022


The Indian Government issued notification on E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2022, which will come to effect from next financial year.

Read every provision clearly.

‘Extended producer responsibility’ means responsibility of any producer of electrical or electronic equipment for meeting recycling targets, only through registered recyclers of e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste.

The Central Pollution Control Board charge such registration fee and annual maintenance charges from the entities seeking registration based on capacity of e-waste generated or recycled or handled by them as laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board with the approval of the Steering Committee.





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