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Feb 24, 2023

Current Affair 1:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) – POWER AND FUNCTIONS


Attached Organisations under Ministry of Civil Aviation:-

Director General of Civil Aviation

Aircraft accident investigation bureau

Bureau of Civil Aviation Security

Commission for Railway Safety

Airport Economic Regulatory Authority

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy

Airport Authority of India

Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University

Pawan Hans Helicopter Ltd.

Hotel Corporation of India.



  1. Is a regulatory body in the field of Civil aviation, primarily dealing with safety issues.
  2. Is responsible for regulation of air transport services to/from/within India.
  3. Enforces civil air regulations, air safety and airworthiness standards.
  4. Co-ordinates all regulatory functions with the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Initially Private operators were allowed to provide air transport services.

However, no foreign airline could directly or indirectly hold equity in a domestic airline company. By 1995, several private airlines had ventured into the aviation business and accounted for more than 10 percent of the domestic air traffic.

The Government nationalized nine airline companies vide the Air Corporations Act, 1953. These government-owned airlines dominated Indian aviation industry till the mid-1990s. In April 1990, the Government adopted open-sky policy and allowed air taxi- operators to operate flights from any airport, both on a charter and a non-charter basis and to decide their own flight schedules, cargo and passenger fares. Indian Government ended the monopoly of IA and AI in the air transport services in 1994.

Conducting investigation into incidents/accidents and taking pro-active measures.


Carrying out amendments to Aircraft Act, Rules and civil aviation requirements among others.


Granting air operator’s certificates including clearance of Operator’s scheduled & non-scheduled flights .


Co-ordinating flexi use of air space by traffic agencies and provisioning more air routes through interaction with ICAO.


Keeping aircraft noise and engine emissions in accordance with ICAO Annex 16.


Acting as a catalytic agent and designing, manufacturing aircraft and its components.


Approving training programmes of operators for carriage of dangerous goods and authorising them.

Certification of aerodromes and CNS/ATM facilities.

Certification of aerodromes and CNS/ATM facilities.


Giving licences and conducting examinations and checks at any time.


Formulation of standards of airworthiness for civil aircraft registered in India and granting certificates for the same.


Registration of civilian aircraft and licensing of air traffic controllers.


Current Affair 2:


MOHINIYATTAM is among 8 classical dances of India with other seven being Bharatnatyam(Tamil Nadu), Kathak (UP)  , Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh) , Odissi (Odisha) , Kathakali (Kerala), Sattriya ( Assam) , Manipur (Manipuri).




Current Affair 3:



So what more has been found ?




Current Affair 4:


These are Ad-hoc committees formed for enquiry into a subject. There have been 8 Joint parliamentary committees formed till till now.

The JPC has also been formed to look into the matter of Harshad Mehta stock market scam 1992 , 2G spectrum case , VVIP chopper case , land Acquisition and Personal Data Protection Bill. JPC on NRC has been put on hold.

How it is set-up and it consists of how many members and it is formed using which statute or rule?

Other committees:-




Current Affair 5:


Anyone who became chairman of Law commission of India twice?

Maximum number of reports submitted under tenure of?

Least number of reports under which law commission?

Any law commission which had multiple chairpersons during its period?

No women has been appointed as chairperson of any law commission of India so far.



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