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Dec 07, 2023

Current Affair 1:
Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP)



The Aspirational Blocks Programme was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on January 7, 2023, during the 2nd National Conference of Chief Secretaries.

It is built on the foundation of the Aspirational District Programme (ADP), which was launched in 2018.

Each Block will be supported by District and State level Officials for development of Block Development Strategy in the initial stage of the Programme.

How blocks are selected?

The 500 Blocks that are part of the Aspirational Blocks Programme were selected by an Interministerial Committee in consultation with States. An index of backwardness was developed based on data set pertaining to health and nutrition, education, basic infrastructure, and a proxy of poverty using Mission Antyodaya and Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011-12.  The blocks were ranked according to this index.

The committee recommended that the number of blocks in a State/UT be based on population (25% weight) and per capita GDP of the State/UT (75% weight). Further, at least one block has been selected from each of the 112 Aspirational Districts.

What is the role of NITI Aayog?


The ABP programme emphasise on the Government’s commitment to improve the quality of life of citizens, raising the living standards of its citizens and ensuring inclusive growth for all.

In consultation with various stakeholders, 39 key performance indicators (KPIs) have been chosen to measure progress of the blocks which have grouped into 5 themes. List of indicators across themes are as below:

Ranking in news is not very important. Just remember:

The blocks have also been geographically divided into six zones and two blocks from each zone have been given rankings.

Tiriyani Block of Kumuram Bheem Asifabad district, Telangana secured the top position in the first delta rankings of Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP). The second position was bagged by Kaushambi block of Kaushambi District, Uttar Pradesh.

Current Affair 2:
Waste to Energy Programme



Along with CAF mentioned in the news, eight Biogas Development and Training Centres (BDTCs) have been established at India’s premier Institutions to provide Technical Assistance, R & D, Testing and Validation of New Biogas Models / Designs, field inspections of biogas plants, and training and skill development.

Under the Waste to Energy Programme guidelines dated 02.11.2022, inspection of the plants for performance monitoring for a minimum of 3 consecutive months by designated inspection agencies is required before the release of Central Financial Assistance including a continuous operation of the plant for at least 72 hours, during which the plant must maintain an average operational capacity of 80% of its rated capacity.

Current Affair 3:
Infinity Forum 2.0



InFinity Forum is the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA)'s flagship financial technology event, uniting the world’s leading minds in policy, business, and technology to explore and advance the biggest ideas in Finance & Technology, and to develop those ideas into global solutions and opportunities.

This is second edition of Infinity Forum.

The 2nd Edition of Infinity Forum is being jointly organized by the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA), and GIFT City, under the aegis of Government of India, as a precursor event to Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024.

The forum provides a platform, where progressive ideas, pressing problems, innovative technologies from across the world get discovered, discussed and developed into solutions and opportunities.

The theme of 2nd edition of Infinity Forum is ‘GIFT-IFSC: Nerve Centre for New Age Global Financial Services’.

Learn about IFSCA:

Establishment of IFSCA

The International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) has been established on April 27, 2020 under the International Financial Services Centres Authority Act, 2019. It is headquartered at GIFT City, Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

Role of IFSCA

The IFSCA is a unified authority for the development and regulation of financial products, financial services and financial institutions in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in India. At present, the GIFT IFSC is the maiden international financial services centre in India. Prior to the establishment of IFSCA, the domestic financial regulators, namely, RBI, SEBI, PFRDA and IRDAI regulated the business in IFSC.

Current Affair 4:
Adopt a Heritage 2.0 Programme


‘Adopt a Heritage’ was launched in 2017 as collaborative effort by the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Archaeological Survey of India, and State/ UTs Government with the objective of ensuring quality and inclusive provision of amenities and facilities across heritage, natural, and tourist sites through active participation of private and public sector organizations and individuals. These organizations were designated as Monument Mitras (MMs).

The project was thus supply-driven, and faced a few challenges during its implementation, as described below.

To remove these challenges, ASI had launched the “Adopt a Heritage 2.0” programme was launched on 4th September 2023.

The ‘Adopt a Heritage 2.0’programme is envisioned by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)/Ministry of Culture to collaborate with the private/ public sector companies/ Trusts/ NGOs/Societies, etc.

It will address the challenges faced during the implementation of Adopt a Heritage 2017 initiative. It aims to develop groups of amenities at Centrally Protected Monuments and Sites (CPMS) to enhance visitor experience and consequently, contribute to the economic development of the region.


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