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Jan 11, 2024

Current Affair 1:
Significance of Nashik’s Kalaram temple


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited the iconic Kalaram Mandir in Maharashtra’s temple town of Nashik.

Kalaram Mandir on the banks of the Godavari in the Panchavati area of the Nashik city in Maharashtra.

Temple’s Uniqueness and Architecture:

  1. The Kalaram temple derives its name from a black statue of the Lord — Kala Ram translates literally to “Black Ram”.
  2. The sanctum sanctorum has statues of Ram, Sita, and Lakshman, and a black idol of Hanuman at the main entrance.
  3. The temple, which is visited by thousands of devotees every day, was built in 1792 with the efforts of one Sardar Rangarao Odhekar.
  4. It is said that Sardar Odhekar dreamt of a black-coloured statue of Lord Ram in the Godavari, and recovered the statues from the river and built the temple.
  5. The main temple has 14 steps, which represent the 14 years of Ram’s exile.
  6. It has 84 pillars, which represents the cycle of 84 lakh species that one has to complete in order to be born as a human.
  7. In the temple premises, there is also a very old tree, with an impression of Lord Dattatreya’s footprints on stone beneath it.

About Panchavati’s Uniqueness:

Panchavati has a special place in the Ramayana and, therefore, in the Hindu religion.

Panchavati, a part of Dandakaranya in central India, holds significance in the Ramayana as the initial abode during Lord Rama's exile.

Current Affair 2:
India’s First Dark Sky Park



In an attempt to protect its skies and natural environment from the adverse effects of light pollution, Pench Tiger Reserve has now been declared as India’s first and Asia’s fifth Dark Sky Park.

What are dark sky parks?

Dark sky parks are areas designated for the protection of night skies from light pollution, resulting in an environment that allows for the local ecosystem to thrive. These places are not only important for nature and wildlife but equally aid in research for those interested in astronomy. The use of artificial lights to provide visibility affects humans, animals, and hinders the ability to gaze into the celestial landscape with clarity.

At the Pench Tiger Reserve, a night observatory has been established with the district planning committee fund.

Pench Tiger Reserve is one of India’s top reserves housing the population of the Bengal tigers and is often acknowledged for its management and efficiency practices. The reserve is located covering the two states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and is managed jointly by them.

Current Affair 3:
World Health Organization (WHO) has certified Cabo Verde as a malaria-free country.



Countries that have achieved at least 3 consecutive years of zero indigenous cases are eligible to apply for a WHO certification of malaria-free status.

Steps in certification of malaria elimination:

The WHO Global Malaria Programme (GMP) is responsible for coordinating WHO's global efforts to control and eliminate malaria. Its work is guided by the Global technical strategy for malaria 2016–2030 adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2015 and updated in 2021.

India has not achieved this certification yet.

Current Affair 4:
Lentil Production


India is set to become the world’s largest producer of lentil (masoor) during the 2023-24 crop years on account of higher acreage.


Lentils are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, folate, thiamine, vitamins, minerals, potassium, copper, zinc, iron. Lentil is the principal legume crop in the rice fallow belts of eastern India and also taken by farmers of central India.

As per fourth advanced estimate from DES, MoAF&W, Govt. of India, 2022- Uttar Pradesh is the leading lentil producing state in India (0.47 million tonnes from 0.49 ha. acreage, 36.43 % of national production), followed by Madhya Pradesh (0.44 million tonnes from 0.49 million ha. acreage, 34.55% of national production), West Bengal (10.53%), Bihar (8.84%) and Jharkhand (4.50%) depending on their contribution in the national production of lentil.

Government has increased the MSP of Rabi Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25, to ensure remunerative prices to the growers for their produce. The absolute highest increase in MSP has been approved for lentil (masur) at Rs.425 per quintal followed by rapeseed & mustard at Rs.200 per quintal.

India, Australia and Canada are the top three lentil producers in the world.

Canada was the top exporting nation for lentil in 2021, whereas India was the top importer.

India has increased its imports of lentils from Canada in the first ten months of 2023. India imported 1.09 million metric tons of lentils between January and October, with 463,000 tons coming from Canada.

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