Three new initiatives of RBI

Jun 04, 2024

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched three significant initiatives aimed at enhancing regulatory processes and improving access to financial services: the PRAVAAH portal, the retail direct mobile app, and a fintech repository.


PRAVAAH (Platform for Regulatory Application, Validation and Authorisation) is a secure and centralized web-based portal designed for individuals and entities to seek authorization, licenses, or regulatory approvals from the RBI.

Retail Direct Mobile App:

The retail direct mobile app is designed to provide retail investors with seamless and convenient access to the retail direct platform. This app facilitates easy transactions in government securities (G-Secs), thereby promoting greater participation in the government securities market by retail investors.

Fintech Repository:

The fintech repository is a comprehensive database containing information on Indian fintech firms. This repository aims to provide better insights into the fintech sector from a regulatory perspective, helping in the formulation of appropriate policy approaches and ensuring informed decision-making.

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