World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan

Jun 05, 2024

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Always read the background:

India holds 11% (16 Crore Hectare) of World’s total Cultivable Area (138 Crore Hectare) and 18% (140 Crore) of Total World Population (790 Crore). This means that to meet the food requirement of the 18% of World Population, India only has 11% of Cultivable Land. Based on the FAO Statistical Data 2021, total Food Grain Production in India is 311 MMT and total Storage Capacity in India is only 145 MMT, i.e., there is a shortage of 166 MMT od Storage. There is surplus Storage capacity in other countries 131%, while in India there is a shortfall of 47%.

Recognizing the significance of cooperatives as a potent force for economic growth, the Ministry of Cooperation has introduced an unprecedented initiative—the 'World's Largest Grain Storage Plan in Cooperative Sector.

What is the plan?

This pan aims establishing diverse agricultural infrastructure at the level of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS), encompassing warehouses, custom hiring centres, processing units, and more.

By elevating PACS into multifunctional entities, this strategy aims to reduce food grain wastage through enhanced storage capacity, fortify the nation's food security, and empower farmers to command better prices for their produce.

Implementation Plan:

An Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) has been formed under the leadership of the Minister of Cooperation. Their role is to adapt guidelines and implementation approaches.

This adaptation aims to facilitate the realization of the 'World's Largest Grain Storage Plan in Cooperative Sector.' This initiative involves creating infrastructure such as primarily at selected viable Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) in 24 States /Union Territories.

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