Goaltide Daily News 2020

Oct 21, 2020

News 1:
Explained: What’s in India-US defence deals: Indian Express

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Syllabus Reference: GS-II

  • India and its neighbourhood- relations. Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.


India and the US are preparing for the third 2+2 ministerial meeting. One of the items on the agenda will be the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA). India has already signed LEMOA and COMCASA. Article covers all these three agreements in detail. What do they mean? What is their significance? And how they benefit the bilateral ties and relations with other countries? Read the article without fail.

News 2:
Bangladesh’s rise is an opportunity for India: Indian Express

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?Syllabus Reference: GS-III

  • Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment.


Now, it’s time India needs to strengthen ties with Bangladesh and enhance bilateral trade in that region. India needs to be conscious about the strategic consequences of Bangladesh’s economic rise. Important article. Must Read.

News 3:
Can a stunted population drive development? Indian Express

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Reference: GS-II

  • Issues relating to poverty and hunger.


There are few facts and analyses in the article. It says, India has no shortage of food. But, ‘targeted’ welfare— supplying cereals via a biometric-based PDS—clearly seems to be achieving the opposite of what’s intended. Thus, there must be immediate recognition of the flaws followed by correct measures. Here author also shows his discontent on media for neglecting such serious matters.


Today’s Questions:

  1. How Gupta Empire played an important role in laying the foundation of Temples’ Art and Architecture in India?
  2. Judicial Independency (w.r.t to Legislature and Executive) vs Judicial Accountability (to Constitution and Public)
  3. Why Coral Reefs are important? Draw on map the places you find coral reefs in India.

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