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Oct 22, 2020

News 1:
The answer is fraternity: Indian Express

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The significant of Fraternity in Constitution is explained. You must read. It will give you good insights.

News 2:
Law and the Pandemic: Statesman

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The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged human civilization and governance systems across the world. The priority is to sustain the scope of livelihood and uphold the sanctity of laws relating to employment and social security. Health care must reinvent itself with more research and inclusiveness. In the post-pandemic world, law reforms will play a major role. Very beautiful article.

News 3:
India still leads the world in acute malnutrition: Business Standard

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It will need subscription. So, we have pasted entire article.

News 4:
New glands found in the human body... in 2020!: Hindustan Times

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Scientists have identified a previously unknown set of salivary glands in the upper part of the throat, discovering what could be the first set of major glands to be found in the human body in 300 years and paving the way for techniques that could improve the quality of life for people who receive radiation therapy for cancers of the head and neck.


22 October Question:

  1. As we have in recent, government is easily able to pass bills in both the Houses. Please explain how diminishing role of Parliament affects democratic process.
  2. Please mention differences between the procedure to elect the President of India and United States of America.
  3. Define Rule of Law in Indian context.

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