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Dec 03, 2020

News 1:
Why is consent of the attorney general required to initiate contempt proceedings?

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Syllabus Reference: GS-II

Structure, Organization and Functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary


As the title of the article indicates, it completely covers the static part in the present context. Very simple and easy to understand article, don’t miss it.

News 2:
Fortifying milk with Vitamins A and D can improve children’s nutrition, boost immunity to infections: Times of India

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Syllabus Reference: GS-II

Issues relating to Poverty and Hunger.


The Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey data 2019, commissioned by the ministry of health and family welfare, shows that vitamin A deficiency is 18% among pre-school children, 22% among school-age children and 16% among adolescents; vitamin D deficiency is 14% among pre-school children, 18% among school-age children and 24% among adolescents. This indicates the importance of fortification of milk. India is the largest producer of milk and with milk surplus, there is a scope for fortification and battle malnutrition and hunger to a great extent.

News 3:
India lost 118 billion work hours due to heat in ’19: Study: Hindustan Times

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Syllabus Reference: GS-III

Conservation, Environmental pollution and degradation


Just a fact sheet reflecting the consequences of Climate Change and Global Worming. These facts reflect the urgency to take immediate but effective actions. It says, India recorded the highest loss in work hours or productivity because of extreme heat in 2019. Across the globe, a potential 302 billion work hours were lost in 2019. Read article for further details.

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