Goaltide Daily News 2020

Dec 24, 2020

News 1:
Free, fair and safe’ as the election motto: The Hindu

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Syllabus Reference: GS-II

Appointment to various Constitutional Posts, Powers, Functions and Responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies.


Even in the pandemic, the democratic process must continue and elections have to happen. Thus, there is a need for safe elections along with free and fair elections in the present circumstances. The article discusses what all need to be done and why.

News 2:
Targeting Big Tech in US, EU: Indian Express

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Syllabus Reference: GS-III

Basics of Cyber Security


The article discusses the efforts by EU and the US in ensuring cyber security, the efficacy of the efforts and their repercussions on India. Read without fail.

News 3:
Why indoor pollution is as deadly as its outdoor counterpart: Down to Earth

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Syllabus Reference: GS-III

Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.


Indoor, or household, air pollution caused 64 per cent fewer deaths in the last two decades (2000-2019) in India and According to the Environment Protection Act, 1986, the levels of indoor air pollutants are often 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. In some cases, these levels can exceed the outdoor levels of the same pollutants 100 times. the article very well talks about the crisis of the Indoor air pollution and the need to mitigate the crisis.

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