Hi Everyone,
We are extremely happy to announce that we have entered into the fourth year of this initiative and launching Prelims Test Series for UPSC Prelims Exam 2023. It will not only give you confidence but will also take your preparation to another level and help you clear this examination.
So, before we introduce our Test Series to you, a small look at the “schedule for 2023” and “cut off” for 2021 exam.

A message from Abhishek Sir (Founder, Goaltide IAS)

UPSC Prelims is the most crucial stage of your preparation. Bus yhan pe aapko koi galti ni karni h…In a very short span of time we have given more than 100 selections in UPSC Prelims exam.

You need to understand Prelims exam very minutely. If you don’t practice the right questions, it is very difficult for an average student to clear Prelims exam. We have planned everything for you, just we need is your strong determination. And in the end, I will say this with full responsibility that no one in India will provide you such preparation for Prelims exam. Join us and make your way ahead for Mains 2023…

Cut-off for 2021 Exam:

So, if we talk about General candidate, cut off is less than 50 percent. It simply means, you need to do 44 questions correct. Even if we see cut off of last few years, it is not more than 50 percent. So, two things we can infer from here:

  • Question paper is so tough that students find it difficult to even score 50 percent.
  • We need to score only 50 percent to clear UPSC Prelims Exam.

 First of all, why we choose Test Series? Why we need to solve them?                                  
You need to understand both.
There are three important purposes of Test Series.

  • To give you confidence (when you score GOOD in Test Papers)
  • More and more learning: If in any Test Series, you score good in every paper, then the series output is very poor. You should score high as well as there should be great learning.
  • To evaluate yourself: To Prepare yourself for exam.

Other most important reason is:

For last few years, trends of exam are in a way that you need lot of experience and practice before exam. Questions are not direct and factual. If you have not practiced best, it becomes very difficult to clear UPSC Prelims Exam.
So, what should we do now? We need to join Prelims Tests Series. Now, the Question comes which Test Series you should join. Now to answer this, you need to understand one example here:

When Indian players go for Olympic, their training is totally different from domestic matches. Similarly, when you are writing UPSC, your practice and training should be different. You need coaches which will train you for UPSC Paper, not just completing your syllabus and saying tata, bye- bye.

Those students who have given few attempts know well how other Test Series disappoint you every year after Prelims exam. But this time you are on track of choosing the Best UPSC PRELIMS TEST SERIES.

You need to understand here. You prepare for almost one year. There are several mistakes you do. In the end, if Test Series crashes you, you stand nowhere.
You have enough time, You have good material, You are working hard,
All you need now is a final push. And that final push becomes very crucial. We don’t want you to go wrong at this stage of your preparation, that’s why we have brought GOALTIDE PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2023.
Before understanding about Goaltide, you should try to understand the core of UPSC Prelims paper.

UPSC Prelims Paper is always divided into two categories- Category 1 and 2

(Easy and Moderate)


There is always one category, say category 1, which is ‘easy’ to ‘moderate’ and which you may have encountered during your preparation. Second category, say category 2, questions are ‘difficult’ to
‘very tough’, which are very new to us, where guess work doesn’t work and also very difficult to
eliminate options. The number of questions in both the categories are almost same, i.e., 50.
So, it is very much clear that we need to focus on category 1 questions which are easy and familiar to us. And how we will achieve this?
We need to just focus on Time Management and Accuracy. And both can be achieved when you practice UPSC level questions before Prelims Exam.

We find two major problems with Test Series available in markets:

    • Most of the questions are outdated. No relevance in today’s scenario.
    • There is huge gap between available Test Series and UPSC asked questions. You will never be able to prepare yourself with the help of such questions.

But why most of the students practice them?

  • It’s a brand now. Students are bound to choose them.
  • Huge advertisements. They influence students.
  • Large number of Tests. It attracts students.
  • Last, but not the least, they have not heard of any good ones, For example, Goaltide Prelims Test Series.

So, where these Test Papers lack? What are the consequences? Read carefully.

  • It will never ever prepare you for the test, you are going to take in examination hall.
  • You can never gauge your performance based on the scores of these Tests (solving irrelevant questions make no sense)
  • Before examination, you have to deal with all irrelevant topics in these papers while revising.

How Goaltide works?                                             
Goaltide is an institution which is fully dedicated towards UPSC Prelims Exam. We prepare students to learn basic elements required to clear UPSC Prelims Exam. How we train students?

  • Our first stage of training students will be Daily Quiz which we publishe daily from Monday to Friday. These daily questions will lay your foundation. You will learn all basics from these questions. For example, how question is asked, how statements are put, how we should choose options, etc.
  • We frame all questions from original website, drafts, government documents, etc. We don’t refer to any secondary sources to frame questions. So, the output is, every information is correct and you are learning everything with zero percent error.
  • Our questions will not only try to fail you at every step but also give you the best learning from it. We believe you must fail many times before the exam, that’s the best learning from any Test Series.
  • A simple principle you have to follow: Practice less but quality questions. Asking a large number of tests will definitely contain outdated and irrelevant questions. What we will provide you in 43 Tests (50 questions), you will never learn such concepts from anywhere. Concepts and clarity are very important to understand this exam.
  • People say 24*7, but we actually provide doubt service for around 20 hours. We respond to every query. If it is simple, we reply through message or else we call to explain big doubts. The test series which don’t provide quality explanations and carry your doubts, just discard them. They are of no use.
  • Those students who find it difficult to solve directly UPSC based paper, we have kept 20 Tests of 50 questions each of NCERTS to generate a grip. It will give you the confidence to solve advanced questions.
  • A sense of CONFIDENCE. The best review we get from our students are: Sir, the paper was tough but our confidence was well enough to handle such questions. And they all cleared Prelims.Confidence is the key to clearing the Prelims exam. If you gain confidence before exam, you will never be defeated. And you will get enough confidence once you solve all our Papers.
  • Complete coverage of all important current affairs from June 2022 to May 2023. Nothing important will be left. Apart from all basic questions (which you can easily solve), we will train you with all difficult questions, all small concepts, and approaches.

For General Studies, we have 43 Test Papers. 36 Papers have 50 questions each and 7 Papers are Full length Tests of 100 questions each.


Subject (General Studies, UPSC Based)

No of Tests







Environment and Ecology




Science and Technology


Map Based Tests


Current Affairs Based Tests


Full Length Tests




For CSAT based Tests, we have total 5 Tests. Practice before going for exam.

Schedule and Syllabus. 

Note: The test has already started in June, but it doesn't matter. We have subject-specific in the beginning tests and everything is update version. The day you do, you will get all the tests from the first Test. A doubt session will be open from the first Test. Timings are flexible. You can give a test anytime you want. (For any query, directly call 8512889220)


Polity is a very important subject of the UPSC Exam. Without polity, you can’t clear your UPSC Prelims exam. But the best part of polity is it is interesting and the syllabus is defined. Once you complete all polity questions from daily Quiz and Test Series, nothing is left for your exam. We will cover polity extensively. So, don’t worry”.

1. Polity: NCERT Class IX – Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – I

2. Polity: NCERT Class X – Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II

3. Polity: NCERT Class XI – Political Science: Indian Constitution at Work

4. Polity: NCERT Class XII – Political Science II: Politics in India since Independence









Polity, Constitution & Governance

27 June, 2022


Constitutional development, Preamble, Union and its territory,


Polity, Constitution & Governance

4 July, 2022


Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties, DPSP, Amendment,
Basic structure


Polity, Constitution & Governance

11 July, 2022


Judiciary, Executive, federalism, centre-
state relations


Polity, Constitution & Governance

18 July, 2022


Legislature, Panchayati Raj & Schedule, Constitutional bodies &
non-constitutional bodies & other constitutional


Polity, Constitution
& Governance

25 July, 2022




“History is a story of more than 1000 years. We as an aspirant can never cover entire history of India. We don’t have any defined syllabus or book for History. So, we need to focus on our basic books. Ek baar basics cover ho jaaye then we should not be worrying about History. Any question outside basics will be difficult for every student”.

7. History: NCERT Class VI – Our Past - I

8. History: NCERT Class VII – Our Past - II

9. History: NCERT Class VIII – Our Past III

10. History: NCERT Class IX – India and the Contemporary World – I

11. History: NCERT Class X – India and the Contemporary World – II

12. Old NCERT (Class 11) - Ancient India by R S Sharma

13. Old NCERT (Class 11) - Medieval India by Satish Chandra

14. History: NCERT Class XII – Themes in Indian History – I

15. History: NCERT Class XII – Themes in Indian History – II

16. History: NCERT Class XII – Themes in Indian History – III

17. Spectrum - A Brief History of Modern India







History & Culture

1 August 2022


Stone Copper Phase, Indus valley civilization, Vedic age &
, Maurya empire, Gupta empire & Harsha empire, and Historical & cultural development in
South India


History & Culture

8 August 2022


Chola empire, Vijaya
Nagar Kingdom & other south Indian kingdom, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal empire, Bhakti & Sufi
movement, Performing Arts and
Architecture, Buddhism, and Jainism


History & Culture

15 August 2022


Indian Languages, Literature, Religion & Philosophy and education system & Science and Technology, Painting,


History & Culture

22 August 2022


From the decline of the Mughal Empire till the formation of the Indian
National Congress. 
From the formation of the Indian National Congress till the
Civil Disobedience



History & Culture

29 August 2022


Movement. Developments after the Civil Disobedience Movement till Independence; along with History of Education, Press, Social
Movements – Women, Dalit, Labour, Peasant. Constitutional Developments
during British Rule


“The only thing here you need to develop is your concepts. Don’t run when you read economics. Give your proper time to it. There is very less to memorize. Just need to interlink various topics. And one more thing, Polity and economics are the only subjects which will help you to clear UPSC Prelims exam”

1. NCERT (Class 11) – India Economic Development

2. NCERT (Class 12) – Introductory Macroeconomics

3. NCERT (Class 12) - Introductory Microeconomics

4. Budget and Economic Survey

5. Any one: Mural videos, Ramesh Singh, Vivek Singh

Text Box: 4.  Budget and Economic Survey  5.  Any one: Mural videos, Ramesh Singh, Vivek Singh








Economic – Social Development

September, 2022


Economic overview, planning & national income Inclusive
growth & SDG



Economic – Social Development

September, 2022


Banking, finance & inflation, Planning & Government budget




Economic –Social Development

September, 2022


Agriculture & Industry, External sectors & international organisations


Economic –Social Development

3 October,


Miscellaneous Questions


 “The portion of Geography is very less as compared to other subjects in UPSC Prelims exam, but then it doesn’t mean we won’t study this. This is equally important as other subjects. In Geography there are lot of topics which you need to prepare. NCERTs will give you only basics”

1. Geography: NCERT Class VI – The Earth Our Habitat

2. Geography: NCERT Class VII – Our Environment

3. Geography: NCERT Class VIII – Resource and Development

4. Geography: NCERT Class IX – Contemporary India – I

5. Geography: NCERT Class X – Contemporary India – II

6. Geography: NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography

7. Geography: NCERT Class XI – India – Physical Environment

8. Geography: NCERT Class XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography

9. Geography: NCERT Class XII – India – People and Economy


11. PMF Notes.

12. Self-preparation of notes is very important.








10 October,


Geological Structure, Physiography & Drainage system & map



17 October,


Climate, Natural Vegetation, Soils, Agriculture, resources, population composition & census, Transport& map, Natural
Hazards & disasters & Multipurpose projects & map



24 October,


Geomorphology & Hydrosphere, Climatology, Biogeography and Social & economic geography

Environment and Ecology

“This is interesting. This subject contains maximum topics in exam. They are mix of basics and current news. We will cover this subject extensively from various important sources. So, no need to worry much about this subject”.

1. Biology (Class XII) Chapters 13, 14, 15 & 16.

2. Shankar IAS Environment booklet

3. Environment & Ecology news from News.







Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity

1 November,


Organisms and Populations & Ecosystem


Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity

7 November,


Environment, Environmental issues and Climate Change


Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity

14 November,


Biodiversity & Conservation


Science and Technology

“There will be two tests of Science and Technology. All important Questions will be covered. But you won’t miss NCERTs of Science and Technology”.

21.  Science and Technology      21 November,2022       50 Questions       Entire Syllabus

22.  Science and Technology     28 November,2022         50 Question         Entire Syllabus


Test No.     Subject                                           Date                            Questions

1                 Polity                                          23 June, 2022                       50

2                 Polity                                          29 June, 2022                       50

3                 Polity                                          5 July, 2022                           50

4                 Polity                                          10 July, 2022                         50

5                 History                                        13 July, 2022                         50

6                 History                                        18 July, 2022                         50   

7                 History                                        23 July, 2022                         50

8                 History                                        26 July, 2022                         50

9                 History                                        2 August, 2022                      50

10               History                                        7 August, 2022                      50

11               Economics                                  12 August, 2022                    50

12               Economics                                  17 August, 2022                    50

13               Geo/ Environment                     22 August, 2022                      50

14               Geo/ Environment                     27 August, 2022                      50

15               Geo/ Environment                     1 September, 2022                  50

16               Geo/ Environment                     7 September, 2022                  50

17               Geo/ Environment                     12 September, 2022                50

18               Science and Technology           20 September, 2022                50

19               Science and Technology          25 September, 2022                 50

20               Science and Technology          30 September, 2022                 50

New  Schedule for Current Affairs and FLT



Test Topics

1. 9 January, 2023


June 2022 Current Affairs Test

2. 16 January, 2023


July Current Affairs



3. 23 January, 2023


August Current Affairs


4. 30 January, 2023


September Current Affairs


5. 6 February, 2023


October Current Affairs



                           6. 27 February, 2023

November/ December Current Affairs



                           7. 9 March, 2023

January 2023 Current Affairs


                            8. 13 March, 2023   

February Current Affairs



                           9. 23 March, 2023

First Full-length Test



                           10. 26 March, 2023                                

Second Full- Length Test (Economic Survey and Budget)



                             11. 31 March, 2023

Third Full- Length Test


12. 4 April, 2023


March Current Affairs test


13. 14 April, 2023


Fourth Full Length test


14. 25 April, 2023


Fifth Full Length Test


15. 2 May, 2023


April Current Affairs


16. 10 May, 2023


Sixth Full Length test


17. 15 may, 2023


Seventh Full Length test


CSAT Tests:

Test 44 to 48 will be your CSAT based Tests. That will be posted before 1st May.



 Only GS: There are total 43 tests. It will cost you 4600 Rs.

(GS+ CSAT): There is total 48 Tests. It will cost you 5000 Rs.

(GS+NCERTs): There are total 63 Tests. It will cost you 6100 Rs.

(GS+CSAT+NCERTs): There are total 68 Tests. It will cost you 6400 Rs.