Once we start UPSC preparation, almost every day we say, Ek baar bus Mains likhne mil jaaye (just we get one opportunity to write Main exam). But when we are once done with Prelims, again we face similar struggle for Mains too.

Why we struggle?

  • We never practice writing answers before Prelims (we waste full time thinking even if we write who will evaluate)
  • Optional subject is very weak
  • Poor Presentation in Exam
  • Lack good news reading

Most Important Reason

The most important reason why we fail in Main exam is -We don’t write. We don’t practice and when we are asked to write any answers, we can’t even start first line. So, the most important thing is start writing. Spent some time with Pen and Paper daily. We fill focus on this aspect here.

What to write?

Daily we will give you 3-4 questions (Short and Long questions). If you are beginner, start with short questions. Gradually you can start long questions.

Don’t worry about Evaluation now. You just develop habit of writing now. You get the topic and you are able to write, this should be level of preparation for now.

If you start now following complex methods (writing long answers from some websites), you won’t continue for long and finally you will achieve nothing. “Small is Beautiful” in UPSC.

Write here answers for 15 days and see the change.