Child Nutrition Report 2024: UNICEF

Jun 10, 2024

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UNICEF has introduced the concept of child food poverty to bring dietary deprivation and poor-quality diets in early childhood to the forefront of global efforts to achieve the nutrition targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNICEF defines child food poverty as children’s inability to access and consume a nutritious and diverse diet in early childhood (i.e., the first five years of life).

How UNICEF measures it?

Some key findings:

  • Globally, one in four children (27 per cent) are living in severe child food poverty in early childhood, amounting to 181 million children under 5 years of age.
  • Globally, progress towards ending severe child food poverty is too slow, but some regions and countries are proving that progress is possible and is happening.
  • Severe child food poverty is experienced by children belonging to poor and non-poor households, indicating that household income is not the only driver of child food poverty.
  • Children living in severe child food poverty are missing out on many nutrient-rich foods, while unhealthy foods are becoming entrenched in their diets.
  • The global food and nutrition crisis and localized conflicts and climatic shocks are intensifying severe child food poverty, especially in fragile and humanitarian settings.

What report mentions about India?

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