What are Large Action Models (LAMs)?

Jun 10, 2024

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The Large Action Models (LAMs) are advanced artificial intelligence systems that are capable of understanding the human intention and predicting actions.

You must have used tools like ChatGPT, etc,. which are the most common examples of Generative AIs and Large Language Models. These tools are fostering innovation in different kinds of tasks like content creation, website designing, and text-to-image / video generation, and the list keeps on growing.

However, there is one area where all these LLM models lack, and that is taking “ACTIONS” based on the commands given by the user. These models can provide detailed steps to perform a task but cannot perform the task on your behalf.

What are Large Action Models?

LAMs use agents to perform actions. The agents are software entities capable of independently executing tasks, moving beyond merely responding to human queries and actively contributing to the achievement of specific goals. LAMs integrate the linguistic proficiency of LLMs with the ability to autonomously perform tasks and make decisions, marking a significant shift.

The architecture of Large Action Models is structured based on the simulation of applications and human actions they are intended to replicate.

Unlike a mere textual representation, LAMs can effectively simulate the composition of diverse applications and the corresponding human actions performed on them without the need for a temporary demonstration. This capability is facilitated by advancements in neuro-symbolic programming and pattern recognition.

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