Bioenergy crops

Jul 08, 2024

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Key findings of the Study

  1. The study used biodiversity data to calculate Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) in different land-use.
  2. BII compares the average abundance of native terrestrial species in a region with their abundances before pronounced human impacts.
  3. Planting energy crops in places with high natural vegetation and high BII would substantially reduce BII.

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About Bioenergy crops:

Bioenergy is “energy derived from recently living material such as wood, crops, or animal waste.” Bioenergy crops are defined as any plant material used to produce bioenergy.

These crops have the capacity to produce large volume of biomass, high energy potential, and can be grown in marginal soils. Bioenergy can contribute to reducing the overall consumption of fossil fuels. It can take the form of solid material (biomass) for combustion or liquid products (Biofuels) that can be used to power vehicles.


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