Prime Minister’s Science, Technology & Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC)

Jul 08, 2024

Current Affair 1:



The Government of India established the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) in November 1999. The PSA’s office aims to provide pragmatic and objective advice to the Prime Minister and the cabinet in matters of Science and Technology.

The Office of PSA was placed under the Cabinet Secretariat in August, 2018.


Constituted in August 2018, the Prime Minister's Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) serves as an overarching council to assess the status of various science and technology-related matters, comprehend challenges, formulate interventions, develop a futuristic roadmap, and advise the Prime Minister accordingly.

Several missions, aligned with the national interest, have been approved by the PM-STIAC to date. Among them, the Deep Ocean Exploration Mission, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Mission, National Quantum Mission, Waste to Wealth Mission, National One Health Mission, Electric Vehicle Mission, and AGNIi Mission have been approved for implementation.


The Competent Authority in the Prime Minister’s Office approves the constitution of Prime Minister's Science, Technology Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC).

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