Goaltide Daily Current Affairs 2022

Dec 06, 2022

Current Affair 1:
Women MPs and MLAs


This is the latest from Parliament. Small information, but important.

Current Affair 2:
Establishment of Internet Exchange


Internet Exchange Points, or IXPs for short, can generally be boiled down to an area where multiple networks meet (they operate over BGP). Whether this is done to save costs or to provide better throughput for users, IXPs are crucial to a fast and reliable Internet.

Forty-two (42) Internet Exchanges of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) have been installed and operational as on date.

Internet Exchanges primarily provides peering services to Internet Service Providers, Content providers and other Networks. Establishing Internet Exchanges reduces the path of the internet traffic coming from one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to other ISPs & participating networks like content delivery networks (CDNs), Data Centres etc. Internet Exchanges reduces latency, improves response time and potentially reduces cost to deliver Internet services& contents.

NIXI, setup by Government has a mandate of setting up of new Internet Exchanges in select locations depending on need assessment.

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) creates shorter routes for Internet traffic. They offer better resilience, stability, efficiency and quality improvements, all at a lower cost.

Internet Exchanges establish an eco-system for faster delivery of contents at reduced cost. This is expected to benefit IT sector, Service Sector and Society at large including concerned sectors at Visakhapatnam.

Establishing more IXPs not only helps in managing traffic but encourages more local content development, creates incentives for local hosting of Internet services due to the larger pool of local users, who will be able to access online content faster and cheaper. This will enable Visakhapatnam emergence as an IT hub.

Current Affair 3:
Primary Forest Alliance



The Primary Forest Alliance is a coalition of organizations who have signed a call for a moratorium on industrial activity in primary forests and work to promote primary forest protection.

Is the Primary Forest Alliance an organization?

The Primary Forest Alliance is not a registered non-profit organization. It is an initiative to promote primary forest conservation led by the organizations that form the Primary Forest Alliance Steering Committee, and comprising many organizations who share the objective of primary forest conservation and have signed-on to our call for a moratorium.

Why prioritize primary forests? What about secondary forests?

We need to prioritize primary forests because:

Primary forests maximize biodiversity protection, carbon storage and ecosystem services: they protect the vast majority of the planet’s terrestrial biodiversity (at least two thirds) and store massive amounts of carbon more than enough to cause catastrophic climate if released. Primary tropical forests alone store about 150 billion tons of carbon.

Primary forests store far more carbon per hectare than degraded forests, and by virtue of the fact that they still retain all of their biodiversity, are also more stable (i.e., more resistant and resilient to natural disturbance). This means they not only store more carbon, but also store carbon more securely for the long term because their carbon is at lower risk of being emitted.


Current Affair 4:
How will multiple volcanic eruptions impact global climate?


Two major volcanoes — Mauna Loa in Hawaii and Mount Semeru in Indonesia — erupted in a span of a week. Is it a sign of something bigger? What does it mean for the planet?

Go through this small video: https://youtu.be/waOSuNQRLwM


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