Goaltide Daily Current Affairs 2023

Jul 21, 2023

Current Affair 1:
Constitution of Farmer Producer Organizations


First read, what is the concept of Producer Organization?

Now read about scheme.

The Government of India has launched the Central Sector Scheme for “Formation and Promotion of 10,000 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)” in the year 2020 with a total budgetary outlay of Rs.6865 Crores which will enable farmers to enhance their bargaining power, leverage economies of scale, reduction in cost of production and enhancing farmers’ incomes through aggregation of their agricultural produce, thus playing a major role towards sustainable incomes.

Under the said scheme,

In addition to above, under 10,000 FPOs scheme, at district level, a District Level Monitoring Committee (D-MC) is constituted under the Chairmanship of District Collector/ CEO/ Zilla Parishad which provides approval for potential produce clusters in the block and also responsible for overall coordination, monitoring and implementation of the scheme at the district level.

As on 30th June, 2023, 10,000 FPOs have been allocated to various Implementing Agencies (IAs) out of which 6319 FPOs have been registered across the country.

Current Affair 2:
Price Stabilisation Fund



The Price Stabilization Fund (PSF) was set up in 2014-15 under the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Famers Welfare (DAC&FW) to help regulate the price volatility of important agri-horticultural commodities like onion, potatoes, tomatoes, pulses etc.

The PSF scheme was transferred from DAC&FW to the Department of Consumer Affairs under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution w.e.f. 1st April, 2016.

It has been decided to create a corpus of ` 500 cr. for providing interest free advance towards working capital to eligible proposals from State Governments/Union Territories (UTs) and Central Agencies to enable procurement of perishable Agri-horticulture produce. The fund shall be called “Corpus Fund for Procurement and Distribution of Identified Agri-Horticultural Commodities” (referred to as the Central Corpus Fund in this document).

Current Affair 3:
Fruit flies develop specific defences against common bacteria



The immune systems of fruit flies develop certain genes that can combat common bacteria found in food, a new study has found.

Bacteria such as acetobacter found in fruits can harm flies once they exit the gut and reach the bloodstream. However, various fly species have developed a specific peptide (strings of compounds that combine to form proteins) that can fight acetobacter, noted the study published in journal Science on July 21, 2023.

The findings are critical as fruit flies’ evolutionary process might help explain human susceptibility to certain diseases.

Current Affair 4:
5th Helicopter & Small Aircraft Summit


The 5th Helicopter and Small Aircraft Summit (Heli Summit 2023) was jointly organized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, in association with the Government of Madhya Pradesh, Pawan Hans Ltd, and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

The theme of the event was “Reaching the Last Mile: Regional Connectivity through Helicopters and Small Aircraft”.

The broad objectives of the Summit are:

  1. Provide a common platform for all industry stakeholders, and policymakers to discuss the growth story of the Indian Helicopter and Small Aircraft industry.
  2. Enhance the scope of the UDAN Scheme in remote and hilly terrains and expand the country's rural to urban connectivity.
  3. Boost Helicopter & Small Aircraft connectivity to places with existing and potential tourism hotspots by providing uninterrupted services.

Current Affair 5:
The European Peace Facility


See image given below. Nothing more is required.

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